Under Stair Ideas

Under Stair Ideas

In this blog post, I’m sharing some more of our lockdown DIY plans and also lots of inspiration for an under the stairs space. So, if you’re stuck on what to do with your under stair area, especially if you have ladder stairs, keep reading!

Our downstairs is all open plan and I think having the ladder stairs makes it seem bigger. At the moment, our under stair space stores our bikes which isn’t very zen! Our stairs used to be mahogany but we have painted them Farrow and Ball Grey which I think makes a huge difference and ties in much better with the natural wood floorboards downstairs.

Domino Magazine on Pinterest (image linked) How cool is this?! We don’t have this much space underneath but…wow!

What we’re left with is loads of empty space under the stairs and we had no idea what to do with it. We did think of having a bar there at first but this house has no storage at all so I think we should be a bit more practical and…boring! But imagine having something like the below under your stairs and the parties you could have!

I loved the idea of creating more seating space, especially when we have all the family round, the kids would probably love sitting under the stairs in their own little space. This cute little space I found below (all linked) really inspired me.

Pinterest and Ikea has really helped us finally put this space to good use! We’re going to keep it simple and have bookshelves with stylish storage baskets, as well as some plants.

Next to that, we’ll have Ikea’s small drawers which will house our shoes in one drawer, and dust pan and brush (and other cleaning bits) in the other. We’ll pop a nice throw over and small cushions for people to sit on, like this gorgeous picture from Pinterest, Soul Follows Design. I cannot wait to socially distance visit Ikea and pick up these bits, I hope it looks how I imagine. I will share the pictures when done.

Do you have ladder stairs? I’d love to hear how you’ve filled the space?

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