Self-care tips for winter

Self-care tips for winter

Winter is well and truly here and December is filled with Christmas lights, festive spirit and cosy nights in. However, it’s also darker in the mornings and harder to get up, colder, and add to that everything going on in the news right now. 

Now more than ever, self-care is super important. We often put ourselves at the bottom of our priority lists, when really we should be at the top. I was in such a cycle of not doing anything for myself, and only now have I realised the power of taking time for myself. 

In this blog post, I’m sharing some of my favourite self-care tips for winter that I’ve really noticed lots of benefits from. 

Do the things you usually put off 

It’s not the most glamorous self-care tip but it is the one that makes you feel good once you tick them off. They’re the tasks that you’ve spent days stressing about or avoiding but actually take an hour, if that, to do. It’s the little things such as making your bed in the morning, putting things away, wiping down surfaces, putting a wash on, returning packages. I know for me that doing these little things everyday help me feel organised and whilst I don’t always want to do it, I know I’m much happier when they’re done.

Treat yourself

Probably everyone’s favourite self-care tip but one most struggle with making time for. Treat yourself to time or things that will make you feel good. Have an indulgent shower or bath, moisturise, put a face mask on and put on your best pyjamas (because after the year we’ve had we don’t need to wait for best anymore).IDentity Lingerie’s luxury satin pyjamas are my favourite for winter as they look stylish yet cute, keep you warm, are breathable, and they feel amazing!

Then, make yourself a hot or cold drink and read or write or watch your favourite film.

Switch off in the evening 

Experts recommend putting your phone down 1 to 2 hours before you want to go to sleep. I haven’t quite mastered this yet, but I make sure I make time for skincare and try and read before bed rather than going on my phone. If I’m worrying about something, I’ll do a ‘brain dump’ where I free write all the thoughts in my head, which can help stop the thoughts going round and round. I’ve also recently started meditating too using guided sleep meditations on YouTube and it really helps me switch off and drift off to sleep. 

Don’t go on your phone in the morning 

This has to be must and if you are cynical, try one morning of not going on your phone and instead, get up, get your coffee, read a chapter of a book, go for a walk or do anything other than your phone and then make a note of how you feel. I can guarantee you’ll feel loads better compared to when you look at your phone straight away. When I go on my phone first thing, I fall instantly into a trap of comparison and start my day with a negative mindset. 

Get out in the daylight 

Admittedly, it’s a lot harder in the winter as who wants to leave the cosy and warm indoors. 

But getting out in the fresh air for an half hour walk can do wonders for your productivity and mental wellbeing, especially if you get out during the daylight.

If you’re working from home, block out your lunch time so you can actually take a break and go for a walk. I’ve often hit a wall at work and gone for a walk and felt much better by the time I’m back at my desk. Bonus points if you can get out in nature and notice something you haven’t before. 

Let this be a nudge to put some time aside to look after yourself, especially this festive season. What are some of your favourite self-care tips in the winter?

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