My Lockdown House Plans

My Lockdown House Plans

I’ve always loved my house but after the initial DIY jobs that we did when we first moved in, I lost the will to spend my weekends finishing off those odd jobs or starting new ones! However, when lockdown hit, I realised that it deserved some TLC and that we needed to add our own stamp to the house. I wrote down a list at the beginning of lockdown of jobs I wanted to do which i’m sharing below. Most of them we already had the materials in the house and just never got round to doing. Perhaps you have similar ones? Which ones do you keep putting off?

Paint the garden shed and replace shed window

Pull out all the weeds in the garden and give my plant pots a home

Finally lay the white stones around the garden border (these have been sat in bags since last summer when we started the garden project)

Finish painting around the bathroom window and finish off cutting in around the bathroom wall panels

Add some finishing touches to the bathroom, such as a nice plant

Paint our bedroom floor grey (we did this to the spare room and I love it but we have so much stuff in our main bedroom, this is going to be a big task).

Repaint the bedroom wall

Buy new curtains for the bedroom (currently have dark, purple curtains that don’t match the interior at all. Our windows are quite big so I always think people can see in, so they are shut a lot which is a shame as we get so much light)

Make our bedroom more zen (it is so full of STUFF. Clothes we need to donate, books, university coursework, and so much more. We need a major clear out) I would ideally like to have a very minimal room with a rug in there and where everything has a place.

Tile our kitchen (this will be something we do once lockdown is lifted)

Print and hang photos – my phone is full of my favourite photos of family and friends and I’d love to create a gallery wall or picture shelf full of them.

Similarly, find art that we like and hang in the house too, especially the living room.

Find a large indoor plant for the living room

Find the perfect rug for the living room (I like the thought of one which feels nice to nestle your toes in and then a scandi style rug for underneath our dining table)

Find a good steam mop to keep our wooden floors clean

Make the hallway more inviting – maybe a rug, a print for the hallway table, and diffusers and plants

Curtains or blinds for the front room window

Writing this all down makes me realise we have a lot that I’d like to do, but it is mainly finishing touches and putting our stamp on the house. This will all be done on a budget so I can’t wait to see what I find and what our little house looks like at the end of lockdown.

What lockdown projects have you started?

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