Main Bedroom Inspiration

Main Bedroom Inspiration

I am really looking forward to this transformation the most and have really enjoyed browsing bedroom inspiration. I would share a ‘before’ picture but we’re still in the middle of Operation Clear-out so there is a lot of stuff everywhere. Our furniture is in fantastic condition and I love it, so I’m hoping we can tie it in with the makeover, or maybe start a little DIY project. We’re planning on painting the floorboards dark grey like we did in the hallway and spare room.

Some of the pictures I am sharing here are from Pinterest and I have credited them all where possible.

The idea:

I would love a minimal bedroom, with only candles and/or lamps on the bedside tables and a home for everything (including my mountain of books). My ultimate inspiration is scandi, I think it is so calming and looks so stylish.

We’re planning on clearing everything out (every spare space in the room currently has piles of things that are going to charity/recycling). I want to get a bookshelf from Ikea and have wicker baskets at the bottom so I can chuck my make-up and hair products in there, and finally have a place to store all my books. I can’t wait to have a space for everything, instead of the floor.

Where the feature wall is olive green, we’re thinking of taking it back to white and then adding prints. I’ll also be adding plants where I can.

Picture from Lomas and Lomas on Pinterest – this has made me contemplate changing the floors, this looks so lovely and zen.

We have painted our floorboards grey in the hallway and spare room, but seeing this makes me think we could make the original dark wood floorboards and furniture work. I really want to have a room that instantly feels relaxing, as ours definitely does not at the moment. Painting would be quite a big task as we’ll have to move the bed, sort all of the stuff underneath the bed and move the furniture around to paint – this is going to be a huge task, so need to make sure we’re 100% on this.

Picture from Fresideen from Pinterest: I always thought we’d have to invest in a huge rug to go under the bed, but I love the placement of the rug and this size is easy to find and affordable!

See all of my (perhaps too ambitious) plans of what I want to do during lockdown here.

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