How to upgrade your garden easily

How to upgrade your garden easily

I know I am extremely lucky to have a small garden so when lockdown was in full force and the sun was blaring, I had somewhere to sit and enjoy the sun. However, we needed to do a little bit of TLC to our garden which was neglected from last summer, when we laid new turf and created borders around the garden with white stones. If you haven’t noticed already, we are great at starting projects but not necessarily finishing them! So thankfully, we had a lot of the supplies in so we could get started straight away. Our garden looks completely different and it didn’t require too much time or money in the end. Here I thought I’d share some tips on how to give your garden a little upgrade:

Tidy Up – I know this is an obvious one but we had so many weeds all over the garden, it made a huge difference just by doing this. Remember to pull up by the root so they don’t grow back. If you have bushes/trees, decide on what shape you want it (rounded etc) instead of just going straight in.

Jet wash – if you have someone that can borrow you a jet wash then I’d highly recommend it! We jet washed our paving slabs and our decking (careful when doing the decking however as it can damage the wood). It makes the garden look cleaner and like brand new.

Paint – As mentioned, we already had paint in the house from the garden project we never finished. We freshened up the fence with the grey paint (Slate grey) and my favourite transformation is our shed. We painted the shed grey from a very faded brown and it now looks expensive haha!

Fairy and solar lights – these bring me so much joy when I see them lit up at night and you can get them at pretty affordable prices at Wilkos or Amazon. I’ve wrapped lights all around my fence and around the tree trunk. I’ve also hung solar light bulbs which look so cute alongside the brick wall and rose bush.

Plants – Add some colour into your garden with some pretty plants! I have no idea about plants but we have an acer which is only small so I hope it grows nice and big. I also have pink and white hydrangeas. I’d recommend looking into small businesses in your local area to see if they are doing delivery.

Plant pots – From the garden project last year, I had 3 plants pots that are a gorgeous duck egg blue that I cleaned up and placed around the borders of the garden to add more colour.

What tips do you have for upgrading your garden on a budget?

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