How to prepare for garden parties with Covid restrictions

How to prepare for garden parties with Covid restrictions

This Summer, we’ll finally be able to meet family and friends with no restrictions but until then, we are now allowed to meet up to 6 people outside. You don’t need to have igloos, teepee tents or a huge budget to throw an amazing party and despite the restrictions, you can still plan a day or night full of special touches.

I’ve shared some of my favourite tips and hacks to help you throw a great garden party despite Covid restrictions! 

Add the personal touch 

After not being able to see each other properly for a year, why not decorate with photos? This works for all celebrations from birthdays to engagements, where you can show photos from the past year and your favourite photos with family. Simply get a piece of string and tie a knot to hook or stick from one end of the fence to the other. I then use colourful mini pegs to clip on some photos. You can use Photo Prints and all you have to do is pay for postage (never more than £3.99).  

Get crafty  

I love getting crafty and there are lots of hacks for DIY cost effective decorations. My favourite is creating a welcome sign using artificial flowers from Primark or B&M, an old photo frame, spray paint (rose gold is my go-to colour of choice) and free fonts from Font Bundles where you can download different creative fonts to create your message and print out. I also do this for signs for the bar and food too. You can create your own photo backdrop using fake ivy or flower walls from Amazon, which look really impressive!  

Time to eat and drink 

Create a mini bar outside so people don’t need to go inside. I used an outdoor table that we didn’t use anymore and used leftover wrapping paper as a table cover which makes cleaning up a lot easier and it looks really pretty too. Then, use some glass bottles and drink kegs to put homemade cocktails in.  

I highly recommend checking Jane Patisserie’s website out, there are so many tasty bakes that everyone will love plus, they’re relatively easy to follow. I tried the Kinder Bueno cookie bars and they disappeared very quickly!  

Another sweet treat that adults will enjoy are Gin and Tonic ice lollies which are really easy to make and add a special touch.  

Prepare for bad weather  

In the UK, we’re used to getting different seasons in one day so it’s always best to prepare for some rain and coldness. I filled a basket with big fluffy blankets for people if they got cold and also had my mosquito repellent candle ready too for the sun!  

It’s also worthwhile to look into rain protectors, gazebos are in high demand right now so try and arrange one before your party, large sun shades and event shelters can be effective too.  

I love throwing parties and celebrating life’s moments, especially after the year we’ve had. Have you got any celebrations coming up? I’d love to hear more about them! 

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