How to Make Friends with New Neighbors

How to Make Friends with New Neighbors

So, you’ve spent all your time scoping out Calgary homes for sale, finally closed on one, and have just moved in. You knew the house was great (or you wouldn’t have bought it), and you know you like the neighborhood. It’s near shopping and entertainment but still quiet enough for some privacy.

But how about your actual neighbors? You may not have thought of it this way, but they’re going to be a semi-big part of your life now. You’ll probably see them every day, coming and going as people do. Isn’t this a good time to start making some friends?

Well, yes, it is. Having good relationships with neighbors can actually be vital. They can be there when you need them, and it always helps if you and your neighbor can at least greet one another rather than exchange dirty looks over some silly past fight.

Here are a few ways to make friends with your new neighbors.

Start from Day 1

It isn’t that your neighbors will dislike you if you don’t introduce yourself, but jumping right into this can only be to your benefit. On day 1, if you see some of your neighbors outside, why not approach them and introduce yourself? This cuts those awkward tensions that can naturally come with someone new moving onto the street. These people don’t know if you’re a troublemaker they have to watch out for. Meet them out on the street in a friendly way, and you never know what kinds of relationships can develop from there.

See What’s Around

You’re in a new neighborhood, so you are probably unfamiliar with the public areas that surround you, those places where your neighbors might gather occasionally to run or watch their kids play sports. Finding these public spaces and spending some time there is a great way to meet neighbors. This is especially true if you can’t just walk up to someone and say hello. The park or the walking track at least gives you something common to do so you can strike up a conversation.

Invite Them for a Gathering

A third way to make new neighbor friends is to invite them to your new house for an informal party, like a cookout. Now, this might be too much for you to handle, especially given that these are complete strangers, but people can be quite friendly! If you’re freely offering some burgers and dogs and cold drinks, your neighbors might pop over for 20 minutes to say hello and show that they’re gracious for your offer. This is also a good way to see what people are like in a party setting. If they seem relaxed and friendly enough, you may just consider doing this again in the future!

Hey, at one point, your neighbors were new here, too. So be nice and get out there to meet your neighbors, and you’ll be much better off in your new home.

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