Choosing the perfect living room rug

Choosing the perfect living room rug

I truly think a rug can transform a home and this is why I am so keen to get this right. I have spent so much time looking through living rooms inspo on Pinterest and admiring how a room is unified with the right rug. I have found it so difficult to decide on a style as I love them all.

Below, I share some tips on choosing the perfect rug and as always share my inspiration!

I think this style is my favourite plus it is easier to introduce colour in to.

Tips for choosing your rug

Make sure you measure the space you want the rug to go. You want to make sure your furniture sits on the rug (at least the front 2 legs) to tie the room together.

Try with paper/cardboard or wallpaper first. If like me, and you really don’t know what is best, experiment with placing a large old cardboard box underneath to get an idea of what would work.

Decide on a rough colour scheme. I usually create mood boards on Pinterest for this. If you’re going for a colourful rug, think how would you tie the colours in with the living room and the feel you want the room to have. If you go for a neutral colour, you can change the decor a bit more freely but it’s still important to consider cosiness and warmth, so getting the neutral tone right is important.

Be open to different shapes – circular rugs can look fantastic in a living room.

I am a big fan of the minimal look and definitely want to replicate this in my own house.
If you have gone for plain white walls, a rug is a great way to add some colour and personality to a room.

I really like the bold pops of colour in this living room with a calmer rug. I love the emerald green foot stool too.

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