Are natural cleaning products effective?

Are natural cleaning products effective?

Before lockdown, I used cleaning products that were the cheapest and didn’t pay much attention to the ingredients. However, my eczema has been getting progressively worse and I found everything was irritating my skin and contributing to flare ups. So, as part of keeping my skin calm, I decided to switch to natural cleaning products instead.

I didn’t know much about natural cleaning products and assumed they would not be very effective and I was also skeptical if they would be less of a irritant.

After a lot of research, I decided to try Method cleaning products as I saw some reviews that mentioned they were ideal for sensitive skin, although not referencing eczema particularly.

Method’s products are planet-friendly and use plant-based ingredients (therefore less likely to trigger a reaction). So I ordered All Purpose Cleaner (wild rhubarb), Almond Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner (Mint), and Glass Cleaner.

So, are natural cleaning products effective?

Absolutely! The glass cleaner spray really surprised me and my shower door was gleaming – it managed to get rid of the stubborn limescale at the bottom of the door too that had been bugging me (and also partly the reason why I switched to natural products after severely reacting to products aiming to clear this).

Something Method do so well is the smell! Honestly, it is incredible – your house smells so fresh and clean. All the smells remind me of summer, and it feels good to know that I’m unlikely to react.

The floor cleaner smells of almonds but it’s very subtle and cleaned some stubborn marks on the floor easily (I use the Viveda spray mop). It’s given our wooden floor a lovely shine to it too. I found it’s also safe to use on painted wooden floors as it hasn’t changed the paint colour or quality at all.

The all purpose cleaner smells of rhubarb and is not overpowering, but you get a subtle scent of it for ages after cleaning. My favourite is the clementine kitchen cleaner. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the mint bathroom cleaner, but again, that smells great too and made my stainless taps shine and even cleaned off orange bits on the tiles. With all the products you don’t feel overpowered by fumes and as though you live in a swimming pool!

Truthfully, I didn’t need to buy all the products – the all-purpose spray really is all purpose and cleans most surfaces really well, there’s no stickiness or residue left behind either.

I also highly recommend a microfibre cloth, I didn’t realise the difference they make to cleaning surfaces but I love how it collects dust and not moves it around.

Most importantly for me though, my skin doesn’t react at all to any of these products. My eczema is mostly on my face and arms, and I found that after cleaning with non-natural cleaning products it was so irritable and sore, and I’d end up clawing at my skin. This has not happened once and I’ve been using these products for over a month. My doctor did say that products or food do not cause eczema but there are irritants in products that can cause it to be inflamed. I’m converted!

Do you have eczema and have you found natural cleaning products help keep your skin calm?

Disclaimer: I’m not in any way affiliated to Method, just sharing my personal experience.

12 thoughts on “Are natural cleaning products effective?

  1. My son has eczema and I have sensitive skin so this is something I shall try. Thanks very much for taking the time to write about it as I would never have known otherwise!

  2. I love method cleaning products although didn’t realise that they were natural. My daughter does suffer a little from eczema so perhaps I need to be careful about some of the household products we are using – it had never occurred to me before!

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