Tips for your home to help keep eczema skin calm

Tips for your home to help keep eczema skin calm

Since having severe eczema flare-ups throughout lockdown, I’ve realised that there are some things I have to do at home to make sure my eczema is less likely to flare up.

I wrote previously about how I swapped to plant-based cleaning products, so I thought I’d share some more of my tips for your home if you have eczema or sensitive skin.

12 tips for your home to help keep eczema skin calm

Hoover frequently – my house is all wooden flooring so I try and hoover 3 times a week.

Change your bath towels after 3 washes and change your bedding weekly, more if you’re in the shedding or bleeding stage.

Wash your towels and bedding at 90 degrees to kill any dust mites or irritants on there. Anything you use to put on your face i.e. sponges, make up brushes etc wash them regularly as well.

Swap to non-bio clothes washing gel if you haven’t already. I use fairy non bio. The pretty smelling ones contain more fragrances which is the most common allergen and can be potentially be irritating your skin.

Have lukewarm showers however tempting it is to have hot ones, it’s less likely to cause your skin to get angry. Also make sure you pat dry, not rub then put on a gentle moisturiser, if part of your routine.

Have plenty of flannels, these were my saviour when my skin was red raw and sore. I put cold flannels on my skin when it’s really itchy and red which really helps to calm it down.

Be careful of fragrances such as plug-in air freshers, candles and diffuses. For me, candles make my skin feel itchy so I don’t have any. My 5 year old niece made me a lovely talcum powder candle and I had no reaction, so I’m currently looking into more natural options.

Air out the house – even in the winter! I keep my bedroom window slightly ajar so some air comes through all the time and then open it up briefly during the day. It’s really cold but also really fresh, I don’t typically do this in summer due to also getting hayfever!

Dust the harder to reach areas twice a month and use either a dry microfibre cloth to pick up all the dust and not move it around.

When getting your seasonal clothes back out of the cupboard, rewash them again even though they’re clean as they’ve had time to sit in your drawer potentially with dust mites, allergens etc.

Create yourself a night time routine that suits you, this could be putting your lotions on, a bath with Epsom salts, reading a book and then getting into bed. I personally wash my face with cold water, try and stop looking at my phone an hour before I want to go to sleep and have a hot chocolate! This is more about mindset and switching off from the day. I also found that I was feeling anxious at night in case I had a bad flare and didn’t get much sleep. This helps massively.

Turn your heating off or down at night, apparently the best temperature for sleep is 18 degrees. For those with eczema-prone skin, overheating in the middle of the night can cause your skin to get itchy.

These are just some things that I have found really help me, from being unable to sleep and in so much discomfort to now being able to manage it. I still have eczema patches but I am in control of it now and find that these things help keep it at bay.

Eczema is so personal and what works for you, may not work for others. One important thing to remember is to try and focus on you and look after yourself. Eczema really knocked my confidence, I still don’t like looking at myself in the mirror and I was constantly comparing my skin to other people, but as time goes on, I’ve realised that being horrible to myself was not helping anyone and I’m trying to be nicer to myself now and use self-care techniques. I’d love to hear if you struggle with eczema and what you found helped!

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