Throwing the perfect engagement ‘party’ in lockdown

Throwing the perfect engagement ‘party’ in lockdown

Although this has been such an uncertain time, it’s also been a special time for me as I got engaged right at the beginning of lockdown and it’s been nice to have something to plan for once life returns to ‘normal’. At the time, we were quite optimistic and naive about seeing family and friends soon to have a little party but obviously as time went on we realised that was not going to happen.

However, when Boris recently announced that we could meet up to 6 people outside I knew straight away that I was going to have my 3 best friends round the garden and ask them to be my bridesmaids. I wanted to also make an occasion out of it with a little party, but not quite as we know it – socially distancing and being cautious.

I checked (and checked) the weather for the best day weather wise but in typical British style it was drizzling an hour before my friends arrived, but luckily it didn’t last long and stayed warm, just a bit windy.

I bought some new reusable plastic glasses just incase anyone felt uncomfortable with using our wine glasses, and for the snacks I created 2 ‘treat bowls’ per person – one bowl with crisps and savoury snacks and the other with sweets so that we were not all dipping our hands into the same bowls. We also got the BBQ going so we had a right feast – mac and cheese, chicken wings, fries, and a bit of steak! I had a little drinks station set up outside too so people could help themselves to their own drinks. On the table ‘bar’ (it was literally a little table with drinks on!) we had a bottle of champagne we were given as an engagement present, prosecco and chambord, and gin and tonic with lime!

With the seating arrangements, I had to make sure we were all 2m apart in the garden. As we only had a 2 seater chair, I decided that was mine and my partners seat and then I bought comfy bean bags for everyone else to sit on so we could stick to the 2m distance. I dug out some more garden chairs from the garage too. I was shopping in TK Max and saw a really nice cream outdoor rug to place under our garden furniture which I couldn’t resist and it really spruced the area up, especially with our grey decking.

I did want to add some decoration banners but unfortunately couldn’t get them delivered in time but I did have my new fairy lights up and when it got darker they looked really pretty!

I did a lot of Pinterest and Etsy browsing looking for bridesmaid ‘proposals’ as I knew I wanted to get a little memory they could keep. I love the TV show Friends – it’s my go to for all moods and I came across these amazing cards from Rustic Love on Etsy! I got them all personalised, they arrived in beautiful glittery blue paper and they were so helpful when I had some questions.

These are from Rustic Love on Etsy – click the picture to see them.

It was really weird to not hug my friends when I asked them to be bridesmaids and when they were saying bye we all laughed about giving each other air hugs. But – it made me realise how much I missed seeing them and how much better it is seeing people in real-life and not only over zoom. We really chatted about everything and anything for hours and although we were sat 2m apart we felt closer than ever.

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