Things to do in lockdown at home

Things to do in lockdown at home

This is the 3rd lockdown in the UK now and it is fair to say, we’ve all had enough. It’s cold and dark and we’ve exhausted most of usual go-tos to keep us entertained. I made this things to do in lockdown at home list not long after Boris made his announcement, which is definitely helping me stay entertained!

Bake Jane Patisserie cakes, cookies – honestly they’re all amazing. Just a quick browse through her Instagram and your sweet tooth will be in love. Next on my list is the biscoff stuffed cookies.

Buy a paint by numbers for adults. I wanted to get crafty during this lockdown but not particularly arty so I bought two paint by numbers kits, one of Canada and one of Amsterdam. These are so much more fun than I expected – they’re quite difficult as the attention to detail is insane but very satisfying and therapeutic.

Themed movie/tv shows marathons – I decided to go all the way back and watch Friends from Season 1 and create a themed night. We made our own pizza (Joey), made some Tiki Death Punch (The one from George Stephanopoulos) ‘Nestle Toll House cookies’ (The one with Phoebe’s cookies) although I just made my own chunky, gooey cookies and it was such a fun evening! I plan on starting Sex and the City (never watched it and I feel like I’m missing out) and Harry Potter and will make a night out of it.

Learn a new dance routine to show off when you get out of lockdown to show off, just type into YouTube dance routines and your chosen song.

Read – an obvious one but a great way to spend some time. Even if you can only carve half an hour out of your day for some reading. I’ve also started reading more around my personal interests, such as psychology.

Dig out board games – I discovered Connect4 at the back of my wardrobe during a declutter and we had a lot of fun playing it. We also played Payday!

Have a day (or several) where you just watch all those films and tv shows you never got round to, and watch them guilt-free.

Phone call a friend – not everything has to be on Zoom (zoom fatigue anyone?!) and a good old phone call is good for the soul.

Make a vision board and not necessarily of your dreams and goals but instead for the other half of 2021 to keep you going. Places you’d like to visit in the UK (in case holidays are a no-go), people you love, restaurants you’ll visit, shows you’ll go to see, that feeling of being so grateful for normality. It can be a nice positive thing to look at and keep your spirits up.

Start something new – for the joy of it. I’m not saying start a new language (unless you want to!) but I am trying to focus on things that won’t feel too trying. I have a book called ‘Calming Calligraphy’ where I am learning calligraphy and also winding down at the same time.

Attempt Strava art on your next walk, like this:

Image from BBC

Reorganise a cupboard or drawer. Very satisfying when you can open the door or drawer without loads of things falling out.

Finally hang those prints/mirrors or create a gallery wall. I’ve recently printed some more photos of family and friends to put up around the house. I used Free Prints where you get 45 photos (6 x 4) free per month and only pay for cost of delivery (never more than £3.99)

Give some TLC to areas that need it, clean your shutters, the windows, skirting boards, corners that are neglected, or spruce an area up with some plants. We finally cleaned and painted some mould from underneath the window and it still looks amazing (I’ll be writing about this soon because I’m so happy with how it turned out and no sign of mould!)

Clear out your wardrobe and sort your clothes into outfits so you can sell unwanted clothes on eBay and know exactly what you have.

Clear out your make up bag. Check the best before date on your products and throw away any products out of date or no good anymore. For anything in great condition, you could arrange a doorstep swap.

Whilst you’re clearing out your make up bag, you can do that thing where you try all your make up on at once. It’s a great time to master a new make up look for when lockdown is over.

Those DIY jobs that you keep putting off, I’m yet to do the painting behind my bathroom radiator but I’m sure I’ll get bored enough to do it soon.

What fun things have you got up to in lockdown? I’ve learnt not to beat myself up if I don’t feel like doing anything and just accept that some days I will feel fine and want to do some fun things, and others I will feel low and find comfort in watching TV.

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