Simple bits of happiness during lockdown

Simple bits of happiness during lockdown

So we’re now in lockdown 2.0! I feel better prepared for it this time, I’ve been working from home since March so have a nice routine now, and found these productivity tips really helpful. I’m aiming to be a lot more active than last time though (I was very inactive!) but not putting pressure on myself to lose weight but just doing stretches online and going for walks, and focusing on the positives is really helping me.

I thought I’d share how I’m looking after my mental health and my list of small things that are making me happy during lockdown – what would you add?

Can’t beat a cup of tea in bed!

Like most people, I have good days and bad days but I’ve found that I have to be consistent and make non-negotiable with myself. These things are making sure I get out of my house, especially with it being dark early now it’s good to get out in the daylight. I have put boundaries in place at work, such as letting people know I will take my lunch hour and finishing on time. I’ve also started journalling and writing 3 things I’m grateful for everyday. I also loved these tips on staying sane during lockdown.  

  • Getting into a freshly made bed, with freshly washed bedsheets
  • That early morning cup of tea in the garden where it feels like no one else is awake yet
  • A cup of tea in bed when you wake up, with a book
  • Watching a flower or plant grow and bloom
  • Drinking a cold glass of water when you’re really thirsty
  • Cups of tea (almost medicinal to me)
  • Having garden space to sit out and enjoy the sun
  • The smell of suncream
  • Making a big deal out of weekend dinners, setting the table and plating up nicely
  • Trying out new recipes….
  • The smell of trying out new recipes (personal favourites: gooey cookies)
  • When you’ve had a big spring clean in the house and you can sit down and admire your handiwork
  • Adding finishing touches to a room from candles to a plant that you’ve had your eye on
  • Birds tweeting
  • Going out for a walk and actually noticing things around you
  • A good declutter – I didn’t think I was a hoarder but I think I am!
  • Video calls
  • Freshly mowed grass
  • When the sun starts to set and you can still sit outside
  • Cold cans of diet coke or Fanta lemon
  • The time to realise what makes you happy
  • Rereading old books that you forgot you had
  • Putting some feel-good music on and having a good sing or dance
  • Feeling strangely satisfied ticking off box sets you’ve completed haha!

I’ve definitely missed family and friends so much throughout lockdown and related to most of these points in Sarah from Beauty Addicts article on 7 things she’s missed during lockdown. Check it out here.

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