How to set the mood with lighting

How to set the mood with lighting

Do you know when it’s Christmas and you’ve put fairy lights everywhere and you look forward to turning them on so your house is all cosy?

I’ve decided I want to recreate this cosy feeling in the house all year round. I’ve been looking into ways I can do this and using lighting is a really good way to change the ambience and style in a room, so I’m sharing some tips and inspiration below.

When you’re working

It’s important I don’t get too cosy when working otherwise I run the risk of not getting much done! I love these studio-style lights below for my spare room and larger versions in the living room for a reading corner.

When you want to relax

I think this calls for some candles! I’ve seen so many beautiful images on Instagram and realised I don’t have any candles at the moment. I am planning on ordering some from Next, as soon as I can get onto their website.

When you’re watching films

You probably want dim to no light at all but I personally love fairy lights when watching films (especially a Christmas film). I have ordered some to place underneath my telly on its cabinet for this.

When you’re having dinner

I would like to have a different lighting feel to the ‘dining room’ which is an open plan space with my living room. So I love these lights that I think will create a restaurant feel to when I’m eating my dinner, although I’ll have to make sure we can definitely see what we’re eating! Plus, I think this will help with switching off from work mode as it’s a different atmosphere and I won’t see my dining table as my desk.

Do you have any other tips on how to make the home cosier? I would love to hear your suggestions.

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