Do you have a vision board?

Do you have a vision board?

With Lockdown, we’ve had a LOT of time to think about what we want life to look like when we get back to normal; people are changing careers, people are opening businesses despite the economic situation, and realising what’s important to them. I predict that policies such as flexible working and maternity/paternity packages will get a huge shake up too (I hope) and remote working will become even more popular.

I know for me I’ve definitely thought about different things that matter to me, such as following my dreams, leaving a toxic workplace, and materialistic things too, like how I want my house to look!

I’ve created 2 big mood boards, one is my DREAM board, for 5 years time and one for the end of this year. Since I had so much time and got carried away, I made a physical one and one on Canva! I included quotes or phrases that I love, holidays I want to go on (that’s probably not happening this year!), and pictures that really resonate with me! I’ve included some of the pictures I put on my board in this blog post.

I know we’ve spent more time in lockdown than we have in ‘normal’ life, but I still like to think we can make the most of 2020 and when I was talking about this to my friend she suggested creating a vision board as she swears by them! There are so many benefits to creating a vision board and putting it somewhere you can see it often (I’ve got a copy on my phone and one on my desk). The benefits range from keeping you motivated and is a really therapeutic and exciting thing to do.

I’ve set the goals for the end of the year and I find it’s holding me accountable (so far) and I really enjoyed making it and love looking at it! Have you made one? Would you say that it helped you achieve your goals? Have you still set some goals for 2020? I’d love to hear your stories!

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